Lynne Crandall is a self-syndicated weekly astrology columnist.  

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Lynne Crandall

Author/journalist/Media Consultant


More About Lynne's Syndicated Astrology Column

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Lynne began her Astrology Advice Column in the Lansing State Journal's Noise  (a Gannett News Young Reader Publication) in January 2002, just as the magazine began. Noise serves the 44,000 students at Michigan State University in East Lansing and Lansing, Michigan's capitol city.

Her weekly Astrology Advice Column is now also carried by the Battle Creek Enquirer Wow! and most recently by the Greenville, SC, Greenville News Link as an entertainment feature.  It comments on general trends based on the stars gives advice to a reader each week.  This is intended for entertainment and not as serious technical astrology.

Astrology Advice Column - email or call to order - for more information.  It is available for weekly, monthly, or weekend editions.  Contact Lynne Crandall at 517-371-8495 or email


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