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November 9, 2004

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Book by Okemos Psychologist Suggests Ways to Identify and Change Irresponsible Behavior Just in Time to Improve Your Holidays

For immediate release…Okemos psychologist Judith St. King may have the answer to the question of how to handle loved ones and partners who always have an excuse for their bad behavior in time for those holiday shockers like getting drunk before Thanksgiving dinner with in-laws or embarrassing a partner by acting up at the holiday office party. Her new book, Somehow I Found Myself in Her Bed, looks at signs that a loved one is going to ambush you again with bad behavior, using excuses like "The devil made me do it".

Dr. St. King, MSW, PhD is a limited license psychologist, licensed social worker, registered nurse, and director of the Women’s Personal Growth and Therapy Center, PC, in Okemos. She got her MSW at Michigan State University and said she wrote this book to help others identify people who are looking for an excuse to continue irresponsible behavior. And, she says, if you spot yourself feel free to use the book to put your own life back on track since conquering this chronic problem will make your life more effective. However she says, the book may be most useful for those who are left to deal with the disappointment of going through it all over again.

Dr. St. King points out that most of us can’t understand why our loved ones continue patterns that have made our lives dysfunctional before. "Why would you drink if you know you become promiscuous, or get in trouble with others? The rest of us wonder why haven’t you learned the lesson and changed? The book also gives guidelines on how you can tall if someone is really likely to change their bad behavior."

"Often the victim of the behavior us someone who feels overly responsible and often takes responsibility for others." Dr. St. King says there are effective ways to deal with people who always expect you to bail them out or even just put up with them. "If someone says ‘I got a ticket for driving too fast so I need to borrow money to keep driving" I would say, "I know you are in pain but I don’t lend money. What is your plan to handle this?" If they then say ‘ I want you to loan me money" say ‘ That sounds like its not a plan.’"

"This book is probably more for victims, although a high-functioning person to some degree might get it as well." Dr. St. King has a clinical practice in Okemos specializing in couple’s counseling and women’s concerns. Her book is the results of years of experience and studies specializing in the use of language to establish responsible behavior while doing her post Master’s Program at The Center for Humanistic Studies in Detroit.

The book sells for 9.95 and is available through her web site  or you can call her at her office 517-349-6145 and order it directly. Her office is located at 4660 Marsh Rd in Okemos.

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